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More than six years GAS REGION INVEST occupies leading position on the market of gas supply for Moscow region facilities. Using equipment of key companies and advanced gas storage and delivery technologies, our company has realized gas supply projects for more than five hundred private and industrial objects.
We employ only certified specialists having eight years experience in the field of gas equipment. Our company possesses all required licenses for gas and engineering networks design and installation.

«GAS REGION INVEST» provides the following services:

  • Independent gas supply systems design
  • ndependent gas supply systems installation
  • Modular boiler-house design and mounting
  • Heating, Sewage and Water Supply systems design and mounting
  • Gas equipment delivery and assembling
  • Independent gas supply systems maintenance

In July, 2009 the specialists of Gas Region Invest trained in the training center of GENERAC POWER SYSTEMS the major producer of the gas electric power generators in the USA. Gas Region Invest gained the status of the official sales and service dealer at the territory of the Russian Federation.

The gas power generators from 8 to 300 kW supplemented the range of high quality gas equipment provided by Gas Region Invest. 8 to 20 kW generator units are one phase, air-cooled units, installed in all-weather sound-proof enclosure. 25 to 45 kW generator units are one and three phase liquid-cooled units, installed in all-weather sound-proof enclosure. 70 to 300 kW generator units are one and three phases liquid-cooled units (all-weather enclosure is optional).

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